The stash guard is on duty (although he’s usually open to bribes of a bottle of Jack Daniels) and if that fails, the guard kitty from across the hall is on high alert.  I, meanwhile, have packed my car and am somewhere in the middle of France now.

Anywho, before I left, I felt a sudden urge to gather up all the detritus that regularly hurls itself round my boot, kamikaze style, and stick it in the one place (not least because I have a fear that one day I’m going to open the boot and find the bottle of screen wash weeing on my foot).  May I present to you, therefore, the boot tidy, in situ (sorry, should probably have taken a pic of it empty!):

The fabrics are home dec weight, that I can get at discount prices at my local Remnant Kings warehouse.  You do kind of have to heft around enormously unwieldy rolls of fabric to get it to the cutting table, but it’s worth it!  I had bought this fabric for another project entirely, but I’ve forgotten for what exactly, and I think it works rather well here…

So there you go, no more free range wellies for moi!